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Logistics means having the right things at the right place and at the right time. That is exactly what we can help you with at Integrated Logistics, Inc. We offer quality solutions so you can boost your sales and enhance your overall efficiency.


What We Do

We specialize in routing and scheduling consulting and software. Whether you need route planning, asset tracking, or fleet management, we have what you need at prices you can afford.

  • Descartes Roadshow Sales &
    Territory Planner™

Descartes Roadshow Sales &
Territory Planner™

Sales territories need to be defined to maximize sales, balance workloads, and minimize the cost-to-serve when fulfilling orders. Efficient delivery systems are needed to support those regions.

  • Descartes Roadshow Dispatch™

Descartes Roadshow Dispatch™

Effectively managing a fast-paced delivery operation requires real-time connectivity with the field personnel executing the plans. Customers want tighter delivery commitments and to meet market demand. Dispatchers need to maintain tight control over what is happening on the road with GPS/AVL Technology.

  • Descartes Roadshow Route Planner™

Descartes Roadshow Route Planner™

Determining how to deliver orders efficiently while maximizing customer service is difficult. Routing solutions need to balance service levels and delivery costs while respecting established contacts between drivers and their accounts.

  • Descartes MobileLink™

Descartes MobileLink™

The Descartes MobileLink™ group of applications provides integrated one-way and two-way wireless communications between dispatchers and drivers for routing planning and dispatch. It also uses GPS/AVL Technology.


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